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Building Customer Relationships with Web Site Visitors
ReachSpark by Concurrent Technologies (CT) is a powerful tool for collecting valuable marketing information about your Web site visitors' interests and preferences, and then proactively delivering targeted messages to them. Over time, ReachSpark allows your company to build a comprehensive profile of site visitors through ongoing dialogs and information exchanges using simple e-mail techniques. More...

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ReachSpark Version 2.0 has been released.






Promote Effective Communication

Build Strong Relationships

Provide Critical Metrics

Leverages the efficiencies of email marketing. Ensures the right message is delived in a timely way. Includes a powerful dashboard to build custom reports.
Facilitates rapid responses to offers and calls-to-action. Tailors the communication based on preferences. Presents high resolution graphs for decision-making.
Supports easy-to-build messaging and dialogues. Delivers value-added information and offers. Supports detailed analysis of campaigns.
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