Our Commitment to Privacy

Our policy is to respect and protect the privacy of our clients and all other parties that make use of our services. We will not willfully disclose individually identifiable information about our cclients or users of our services to any third party without first receiving their permission to do so.

Does ReachSpark ask for personal information?
In some cases, ReachSpark may ask for your name, email address, and other personal information when you sign up for our newsletter or any other service. We may also ask for such information at other times, such as when you request information from ReachSpark and/or our clients.

Will ReachSpark disclose any of my personal information?
ReachSpark will not disclose any of your information. Information is for internal use only.

How Does ReachSpark use my information?
The goal of ReachSpark in collecting information is to provide you, the user, with the most personalized Web experience possible. By knowing some pertinent information about you, ReachSpark is able to provide services that would best serve your needs.







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