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Building Customer Relationships with Web Site Visitors
ReachSpark by Concurrent Technologies (CT) is a powerful tool for collecting valuable marketing information about your Web site visitors' interests and preferences, and then proactively delivering targeted messages to them. Over time, ReachSpark allows your company to build a comprehensive profile of site visitors through ongoing dialogs and information exchanges using simple e-mail techniques.

With a registration interface that is easily integrated into your existing Web site, your current or prospective customers can select the types of information they would like to receive. They can opt-in to receive personalized, targeted mailings with their preferences maintained in a secure, managed database. This database then becomes a source of valuable information that can be mined and incorporated into your company's overall marketing strategy.

ReachSpark enables your company to:

  • Build strong, profitable relationships with customers by learning about their preferences and the products and services that interest them.

  • Personalize customer relationships by delivering targeted information that addresses individual interests and needs.

  • Increase revenues by mining the data collected and directing promotional activities to self-selected, receptive customers and prospects.
  • Provides simple, easy-to-use registration forms for recording information on preferences and interests.

  • Presents visitors with targeted welcome messages, hotlinks and other communications addressing their stated needs.

  • Supports the creation of a dialog with company representatives through the Web.

  • Offers opt-out or unsubscribe capabilities to e-mail communications.

  • Creates a database that can be mined to generate targeted prospect lists for marketing campaigns delivered through the Web and other channels.

  • Provides a powerful, flexible administrative dashboard designed to address requirements for publishing, accessing and disseminating information.

  • Supports the generation of both customized and generic messages depending on communication goals.

  • Manages on-line newsletter distribution including text publishing and posting announcements.

  • Leading edge performance measurement and management reports and graphics. Customized reporting available for measuring response rates and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Optional self-management tools whereby customers can edit or update their profiles through the Web.
  • Anytime, anywhere access. User-friendly, on-line instructions.
  • 99.9% availability, 24/7/365, through CT’s fully protected data center.
  • Highly scalable with use of enterprise-class hardware and software.
  • Flexible pricing on a “per subscriber” or fixed rate basis.
  • Integration available for multiple legacy systems, sales channels and business units.
  • Architecture facilitates customization to meet unique business needs.
  • Web Services connector available for support of data sharing across different platforms and applications.
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